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Nicholas Rzhevsky / The Cambridge companion to modern Russian culture

Nicholas Rzhevsky (Redacteur)
titel The Cambridge companion to modern Russian culture
type Non-fictie
isbn 0521477999
uitgave Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998
categorie RU: Kunst/cultuur
subcategorie Overzichtswerk
taal Engels
bladzijden 372
uitleenbaar nee
locatie 5.1.1


This volume offers an introduction to Russian culture in all its rich diversity, including the historical conditions that helped shape it and the arts that express its highest achievements. Newly commissioned essays by leading scholars explore language, religion, geography, ideological structures, folk ethos and popular culture, literature, music, theater, art, and film. A chronology and guides to further reading are also provided. Overall, the volume reveals, for students, scholars and all those interested in Russia, the dilemmas, strengths, and complexities of the Russian cultural experience.