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Wendy Z. Goldman / Women, the State & Revolution

titel Women, the State & Revolution
subtitel Soviet Family Policy and Social Life, 1917-1936 (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies)
type Non-fictie
isbn 9780521458160
uitgave Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1993
categorie RU: Sovjet-Unie
subcategorie Cultuur/religie/mentaliteit
taal Engels
bladzijden 368
uitleenbaar nee
locatie 6.3.1 - 6.3.5


When the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917, they believed that under socialism the family would "wither-away." They envisioned a society in which communal dining halls, daycare centers, and public laundries would replace the unpaid labor of women in the home. Yet by 1936 legislation designed to liberate women from their legal and economic dependence had given way to increasingly conservative solutions aimed at strengthening traditional family ties and women's reproductive role. This book explains the reversal, focusing on how women, peasants, and orphans responded to Bolshevik attempts to remake the family, and how their opinions and experiences in turn were used by the state to meet its own needs.