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Elana Wilson Rowe / Russia and the North

Elana Wilson Rowe (Redacteur)
titel Russia and the North
type Essay's
isbn 9780776607009
uitgave University of Ottawa Press, Ottawa, 2009
categorie RU: Overig
subcategorie Geografie/antropologie
taal Engels
bladzijden 232
uitleenbaar nee
locatie 5.2.3


Russia holds more Arctic territory than any other state, yet unlike other Arctic states it does not have a unified strategy identifying economic and political aims for the North. Russia's policies on the North are dispersed across a variety of fields from domestic migration politics to oil and gas development. This volume engages the disparate elements of Russian northern policy and illustrates how the centralized, relatively economically strong and politically assertive Russia of today defines and addresses northern spaces, opportunities, and challenges. As energy markets continue looking northward and climate change renders the Arctic increasingly accessible, the geopolitical interests of Arctic states will be brought more frequently to the forefront. These circumstances will make the disputed borders and overlapping sovereignty claims of the North an important topic in international politics. Given its geographic size and political influence, Russia is and will continue to be a key regional and global actor in the international politics of the North.