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Jessica Allina-Pisano / The post-Soviet Potemkin village

titel The post-Soviet Potemkin village
subtitel politics and property rights in the black earth
type Non-fictie
isbn 9780521879385
uitgave Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, Eng., 2008
categorie RU: Russische federatie
subcategorie Sociaal-economisch
taal Engels
bladzijden 215
uitleenbaar nee
locatie 6.5.6 - 6.6.7


In the 1990s, as the Soviet Empire lay in ruins, the Russian and Ukrainian governments undertook a project to dismantle the collective farm system that was created under Stalin and in the process privatize an expanse of farmland larger than Australia. Ordinary people were supposed to benefit from the reform, but local government leaders quietly rebelled against it. The end result was the dispossession of millions of rural people. This is the first book to explain why and how this happened through the perspective of a firsthand observer in the Black Earth region.