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John T. Alexander / Catherine the Great

titel Catherine the Great
subtitel Life and Legend
type Biografie
isbn 9780195061628
uitgave Oxford University Press, USA, New York, 1989
categorie RU: Geschiedenis tot 1917
subcategorie Politiek en regering
taal Engels
bladzijden 456
uitleenbaar nee
locatie 6.1.2 - 6.1.7


"Far outranks the ancient efforts of G.P. Gooch, Zoe Oldenbourg and Gladys Scott Thomson....Good on high-political crises."--History

"A most readable and historically accurate biography of the greatest of the Romanov rulers of Russia."--Frank V. Barchard, East Texas State University

"An extremely well researched, well organized, and judiciously balanced political portrait of Empress Catherine II."--Marc Raeff, Columbia University

"[Alexander] shows his abilities as a storyteller by delving into the psyche of this woman, who lived a life of celebrity, isolation, and loneliness."--The Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Alexander's biography is the best there is and likely to remain so....Factually reliable, informative, lively, and frequently provocative."--Times Literary Supplement

"An intelligent history and an imaginative biography."--Newark Star Ledger

"The best English-language biography of Catherine in some time."--The Dallas Morning News

"Informed, provocative, and, above all, fair....A major achievement. It succeeds in its goal of bridging the gap between popular biographies and scholarly studies."--The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Alexander's carefully researched political biography at last gives Catherine her due as 'the overburdened ruler of an immense and turbulent Empire.'"--W. Bruce Lincoln, The Chicago Tribune

"Alexander fathoms his subject completely, and he writes a most compelling narrative."--Booklist.