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Zbigniew Brzezinski / The grand failure

titel The grand failure
subtitel the birth and death of communism in the twentieth century
type Non-fictie
isbn 0684190346
uitgave Scribner, New York, 1989
categorie RU: Overig
subcategorie Socialisme/communisme
taal Engels
bladzijden 278
uitleenbaar nee
locatie 5.2.4


YA-- An enlightening summary of the events of the past and a likely prognosis of the future of monolithic communism. Divided into six parts, this well-documented, readable book describes Lenin's conspiracy of power to force a destruction of society by mass terrorism; consolidation of one-party rule behind a facade of intellectual and cultural openness; and the creation of a system that allowed Stalin to pulverize society and nurtured Brezhnev's party-boss corruption, economic backwardness, social stagnation, and the vested interests of totalitarian leaders. Brzezinski explores the dilemma of changes confronting Soviet leaders, and explains why he believes that communism will be unable to make these changes. He provides readers with some masterful insights into what has happened and what could happen. --Barbara Batty, Port Arthur.