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Kay Lawson, Baogang HE, Anatoly Kulik / Political parties and democracy

titel Political parties and democracy
subtitel Volume III: post-soviet and asian political parties (political parties in context)
type Non-fictie
isbn 9780313380600
uitgave Praeger, Santa Barbara, Calif., 2010
categorie RU: Overig
subcategorie Voormalig Oostblok
taal Engels
bladzijden 299
uitleenbaar nee
locatie 5.2.5


Political Parties and Democracy: Volume III: Post-Soviet and Asian Political Parties is the third volume in this five-volume set. It offers clearly written, up-to-date coverage of post-Soviet and Asian political parties from the unique perspective of distinguished indigenous scholars who have lived the truths they tell and, thus, write with unique breadth, depth, and scope.

Presented in two parts, this volume overviews post-Soviet parties, then discusses the realities on the ground in Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine. Likewise, the book offers an introduction to Asian political parties, followed by chapters on China, India, Japan, Malaysia, and South Korea. Throughout, contributors explore the relationship between political parties and democracy (or democratization) in their respective nations, providing necessary historical, socioeconomic, and institutional context, and clarifying the balance of power among parties—and between them and competing agencies of power—today.