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Categorie: RU: Russische federatie, subcategorie: Economie

RU: Russische federatie
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Resultaten: 16

auteur titel taal type
Can Russia compete? (Enhancing Productivity and Innovation in a Globalizing World) Engels Non-fictie
The EU-Russian energy dialogue (Europe's future energy security) Engels Non-fictie
Aslund, Anders; Kuchins, Andrew The Russia Balance Sheet Engels Non-fictie
Aslund, Anders Russia's capitalist revolution (Why market reform succeeded and democracy failed) Engels Non-fictie
Boute, Anatole Improving the Climate for European Investments in the Russian Electricity Production Sector, part 1 Engels Non-fictie
Boute, Anatole The Modernisation of the Russian Electricity Production Sector (Regulatory Risks and Investment Protection) Engels Proefschrift
Ellman, Michael Russia's Oil and Natural Gas (Bonanza or Curse? ) Engels Non-fictie
Goldman, Marshall Oilopoly (Putin, power and the rise of the new russia) Engels Non-fictie
Gregory, Paul R.; Stuart, Robert C. Russian and Soviet Economic Performance and Structure Engels Non-fictie
Hoffman, David The oligarchs (Wealth and power in the new russia) Engels Book
Simons, William B. The Privatization Of State Enterprises In Russia And Kazakstan (A Milestone In The Introduction Of Market-Type Reforms) Engels Proefschrift
Sixsmith, Martin Putin's oil (the Yukos affair and the struggle for Russia) Engels Non-fictie
Souza, Lucio Vinhas De A different country (Russia's Economic Resurgence ) Engels Non-fictie
Spulber, Nicolas Russia's Economic Transitions (From Late Tsarism to the New Millennium) Engels Non-fictie
Stern, Jonathan P. The Future of Russian Gas and Gazprom Engels Non-fictie
Stulberg, Adam N. Well-Oiled Diplomacy (Strategic Manipulation and Russia's Energy Statecraft in Eurasia (Suny Series in Global Politics)) Engels Non-fictie