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Categorie: RU: Russische federatie, subcategorie: Sociaal-economisch

RU: Russische federatie
Internationale betrekkingen
Politiek en regering
Sociale wetenschap

Resultaten: 11

auteur titel taal type
The new Russia (transition gone awry) Engels Essay's
Transition and Beyond (essays in honour of Mario Nuti) Engels Essay's
Allina-Pisano, Jessica The post-Soviet Potemkin village (politics and property rights in the black earth) Engels Non-fictie
Barnes, Andrew Owning Russia (The Struggle Over Factories, Farms, and Power ) Engels Non-fictie
Biankin, Valentin; Motorin, Denis; Seravin, Aleksandr; Sychev, Sergei Posle WC: Mir posle krizisa Russisch Non-fictie
Freeland, Chrystia Sale of the century (The Inside Story of the Second Russian Revolution) Engels Non-fictie
Goldman, Marshall I. The Piratization of Russia (Russian Reform Goes Awry) Engels Non-fictie
Herrera, Yoshiko Imagined economies (the sources of Russian regionalism) Engels Non-fictie
Mcauley, Mary Children in Custody (Anglo-Russian Perspectives) Engels Non-fictie
Nefedova, Tatiana; Pallot, Judith Russia's Unknown Agriculture (Household Production in Post-Socialist Rural Russia) Engels Non-fictie
Wegren, Stephen K. Land reform in Russia (institutional design and behavioral responses) Engels Non-fictie