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The Cambridge companion to modern Russian culture Engels Non-fictie
The Cambridge companion to the classic Russian novel Engels Non-fictie
The Cambridge history of Russia (Volume 1, From Early Rus' to 1689: From Early Rus' to 1689 v. 1) Engels Non-fictie
The Cambridge history of Russia (Volume 2, Imperial Russia, 1689-1917) Engels Non-fictie
The Cambridge history of Russia (Volume 3, The Twentieth Century) Engels Non-fictie
The Cambridge history of Russian literature Engels Non-fictie
Dutch capitalism and world capitalism: Capitalisme hollandais et capitalisme mondial English, French Non-fictie
A miracle mirrored (the Dutch Republic in European perspective) Engels Non-fictie
Pogroms (Anti-Jewish Violence in Modern Russian History) Engels Non-fictie
Texts Concerning the Revolt of the Netherlands Engels Non-fictie
The Workers' Revolution in Russia, 1917 (The View from Below) Engels Essay's
Allina-Pisano, Jessica The post-Soviet Potemkin village (politics and property rights in the black earth) Engels Non-fictie
Baykov, Alexander The Development of the Soviet Economic System (An Essay in the Experience of Planning in the USSR) Engels Non-fictie
Beissinger, Mark R. Nationalist mobilization and the collapse of the Soviet State Engels Non-fictie
Brown, Archie The Cambridge encyclopedia of Russia and the former Soviet Union Engels Encyclopedie
Brudny, Yitzhak; Frankel, Jonathan; Hoffman, Stefani Restructuring Post-Communist Russia Engels Essay's
Cubberley, Paul Russian (a linguistic introduction) Engels Naslagwerk
Darden, Keith A. Economic liberalism and its rivals (The formation of international institutions among the post-soviet states) Engels Non-fictie
Davies, Sarah Popular opinion in Stalin's Russia (terror, propaganda, and dissent, 1934-1941) Engels Non-fictie
Deursen, A. Th. van Plain lives in a golden age (popular culture, religion and society in seventeenth-century Holland) Engels Non-fictie
Dixon, Simon The modernisation of Russia 1676-1825 Engels Non-fictie
Doyle Klier, John Imperial Russia's Jewish Question, 1855-1881 Engels Non-fictie
Draaisma, Douwe Why life speeds up as you get older (how memory shapes our past) Engels Non-fictie
Dryzek, John S.; Holmes, Leslie Postcommunist democratization (political discourses across thirteen countries) Engels Non-fictie
Engel, Barbara Alpern Women in Russia, 1700-2000 Engels Non-fictie
Fitzpatrick, Sheila Education and social mobility in the Soviet Union 1921-1934 Engels Non-fictie
Forsyth, James A history of the peoples of Siberia (Russia's North Asian Colony 1581-1990) Engels Non-fictie
Furnivall, J.S. Netherlands India (A study of Plural Economy) Engels Non-fictie
Galai, Shmuel The liberation movement in Russia 1900 - 1905 Engels Non-fictie
Goldman, Wendy Z. Women, the State & Revolution (Soviet Family Policy and Social Life, 1917-1936 (Cambridge Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies)) Engels Non-fictie
Gregory, Paul R. The Political Economy of Stalinism (Evidence from the Soviet Secret Archives) Engels Non-fictie
Haimson, Leopold H. The Making of Three Russian Revolutionaries (Voices from the Menshevik Past) Engels Non-fictie
Hamburg, G. M.; Poole, Randall A. A History of Russian Philosophy 1830-1930 (Faith, Reason, and the Defense of Human Dignity) Engels Non-fictie
Hanson, Stephen E. Post-imperial democracies (ideology and party formation in Third Republic France, Weimar Germany, and post-Soviet Russia) Engels Non-fictie
Hedlund, Stefan; Rosefielde, Steven Russia since 1980 (wrestling with westernization) Engels Non-fictie
Kirschenbaum, Lisa A. The legacy of the Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1995 (myth, memories, and monuments) Engels Non-fictie
Martin, Janet Medieval Russia (980-1584) Engels Non-fictie
Mickiewicz, Ellen Television, power, and the public in Russia Engels Non-fictie
Naarden, Bruno Socialist Europe and Revolutionary Russia (Perception and Prejudice 1848-1923 (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)) Engels Non-fictie
Pinkus, Benjamin The Jews of the Soviet Union (the history of a national minority) Engels Non-fictie
Plokhy, Serhii The origins of the Slavic nations (premodern identities in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus) Engels Non-fictie
Pouliot, Vincent International security in practice (the politics of NATO-Russia diplomacy) Engels Non-fictie
Pyman, Avril A History of Russian Symbolism Engels Non-fictie
Ramet, Sabrina Petra Religious Policy in the Soviet Union Engels Essay's
Remington, Thomas F. The politics of inequality in russia Engels Non-fictie
Rigby, T. H. Lenin's government (Sovnarkom 1917-1922) Engels Non-fictie
Riley, James C. International government finance and the Amsterdam capital market, 1740-1815 Engels Non-fictie
Roberts, Michael The Swedish imperial experience, 1560-1718 Engels Non-fictie
Rosefielde, Steven Russia in the 21st century (the prodigal superpower) Engels Non-fictie
Rzhevski, Nicholas The cambridge companion to modern russian culture (cambridge companions to culture) Engels Non-fictie